At 360 fellowship, we love to explore and experience the deeper things of God together, and there is nothing 'deeper or wider or higher or longer', (Eph 3:18) than the love of God for us, His dear children. Love really is what it's all about...really!

At 360 fellowship, we're...
                                                     *comfy casual
                                            *authentic, friendly and fun 
                                         *lovers of God and one another

                                                                            At 360 fellowship, we're family!

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360 fellowship ®                 
                               To 360, where Christ is our 'whole' life.

A.W. Tozer  said "God wants the whole person, and He will not rest until He gets us in entirety, no part of the man will do".

Fortunately for us, this is true, His is a relentless, fiery kind of all-consuming love which so thoroughly consumes out of us all impurities, all that is not true of us, 'wholly' re-creating us in
Christ, freeing us UP to be the people He always intended.

360, a small, close-knit fellowship with BIG dreams!

360 fellowship 
meets UP on Saturday's
at 7pm at the Homewood Suites Hilton at The Bush (Hwy 190) & Jupiter Rd
in Plano, TX. 

We'd love for you to
'come around'
and join us!

*Meeting in homes during the holidays.
He who began a good work in you will complete it, Phil 1:6
Accepting Occasional Speaking Invitations